We are Smart Party.

Founded in 2012 and based in Soho, we’re an ambitious, design-driven animation studio, production company and creative content agency committed to producing high quality, inspirational and iconic animation. 

smart adjective

  1. having or showing a quick-witted intelligence.
  2. stylish, well dressed.

party noun

  1. a social gathering of invited guests, typically involving eating, drinking, and entertainment.
  2. an organization of people with common goals and ideals.

Bespoke teams.

We’re based in London but collaborate with talented creatives around the world.

For each individual project we pull together a dynamic team with the skills and experience needed to create that little bit of magic.

Ethical working.

We pay our family of animators and programme makers fairly.

Unlike other agencies that get young animators to submit work for free for the ‘experience’, we don’t.

All the animators, writers and music producers who work with us get rewarded for the remarkable work they do.

Head honcho.

Stuart Simpson, is a well-known and talented creative who has worked on high profile film, broadcast, music and corporate projects for over 15 years and managed the creative development of several children’s animated projects.

Committed to developing UK animation talent, Stuart is the industry representative for the NextGen Skills Academy and an occasional visiting lecturer in Motion Graphics and Animation at Buckinghamshire University.


Our #animation #Christmas2016Countdown No.3! Last day in the studio and Santa is ready to rock! Wishing you all #MerryChristmas! #marketing

We're successfully helping Santa with 'Changed Behaviours', he's busy getting fit for the big event! #christmas #animation #bitoffun #design

Our #Christmas2016Countdown No.2 Santa steps up his training for the big day! #animation #digitalmarketing #marketing #christmas

Our #Christmas2016Countdown No.1 Santa gets ready for the big day! #animation #digitalmarketing #marketing #christmas

What a night at @Number10gov celebrating UK #Animation! Great to be invited, and what lovely words from @MattHancockMP #ChristmasParty

Got #Alevelresults #Alevels? Passionate & driven? Join us! New Business & Marketing Apprentice. https://t.co/UfeRlLBGiZ #apprenticeships

Got #Alevelresults #Alevels? Passionate & driven? Join us! New Business & Marketing Apprentice. https://t.co/CMp02Q7yI6 #apprenticeships

#Alevelresults #Alevels today? We're hiring! Join us as our New Business & Marketing Apprentice.... https://t.co/fyf6KXrgPU

#Alevelresults #Alevels today? We're hiring! Join us as our New Business & Marketing Apprentice. https://t.co/CMp02Qpa6G #apprenticeships

We're Hiring! Looking for people with superstar business potential to join us as New Business #Marketing #Apprentice https://t.co/2e1HAqmxO2

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